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Our goal at SkyRun is to create long-term relationships with our owners based on trust, transparency, and a passionate focus on their goals. It is important for a property management company to recognize that not all owners have the same goals. While revenue generation may be important, there are other important considerations including owner usage, care for the home, and comprehensive property management services. 

See what our existing clients have to say about their experience with SkyRun!


Summit Solitude Estate
"I want you to know that your company is NIGHT AND DAY compared to my last experience. You guys are on it! And I so appreciate it!"

Chris & Lorrie

Casa de Plata
"We are back home after a great stay in Blue River even though the weather altered our plans a bit. After three years of rental, we are grateful that our home has maintained its original condition. Our investment has been protected by the attention it receives from SkyRun."


The Lift Condos
"SkyRun is a guest & owner friendly property management company. They do an amazing job of balancing the two audiences. I am happy, our guests are happy, and I have never had a complaint about them as a property manager. The SkyRun team have exceeded expectations."

Jim & Carolyn

Grey Squirrel
"SkyRun Breckenridge has managed our home for several years as if it was their own. They are very knowledgeable in the market to get the best rates with minimal vacancies and they are great at maintaining the property. We can highly recommend SkyRun Breckenridge."

Jerry & Suzanne

Bella Vista
"We had distinct needs. This relationship had been one of the best business relationships we have done. Excellent people!"

Tom & Anita

Highland Greens
"SkyRun is a very responsive property manager, and they do an excellent job of managing any maintenance needed---far superior to our prior property manager."


"SkyRun is the best property management company we have ever used! One of the biggest differences with SkyRun is their customer service for both the owner and renter."

Terri & Greg

Powderhorn Condos
"The most important thing is trusting your property management company with your home. We have developed a relationship with SkyRun and their responsiveness to our questions and concerns has shown us they care about our home as much as we do."


Maggie Point Lodge
"Bookings have been strong, and the SkyRun staff is easy to reach when needed and they immediately address issues when they arise."

Sharon & Bill

Spruce Creek Lodge
"We are new to the rental market, but SkyRun has been extremely helpful. We are pleasantly surprised with the first winter's response to the interest and rental of our home away from home."


Sawmill Creek
"I have been happy with my owner experience with SkyRun. I like that they don't "nickel and dime" me like other property managers. Anna and Mike are great to work with."

Carol & Marvin

Spruce Island
"Mike & Anna McGoff are true professionals, they know the Business, keep-up the good work. Great to work with!!!"


Beaver Run
"SkyRun has exceeded my expectations!"


Summit Solitude Estate
"I want to thank you for your email updates. I have always been impressed with how you and Anna run the company. I feel like even in the midst of all of this uncertainty, we are in the best hands with you guys."

Chris & Lorrie

Casa de Plata
"We trust Mike and Anna like family because they have been so responsible with our property and so helpful in dealing with the challenges that occur. Long hours, cold weather, and hard work and all approached with positive energy, persistence and good humor. We could not do this without them."

Melanie & Bill

Bearing Tree Lodge
"Thanks for the update. Very well written. Hugs (fist pumps) to you all. Thanks for your services."


Powderhorn C-202
"Just wanted to say, as an owner, I really appreciate the updates and all you are doing to manage the 'COVID crisis'. You guys have been a great management company and even though making the mortgage may be an issue this year for many owners, I for one can't thank you enough for all you are doing."

Beth & Dave

Highland Greens Lodge 211
"Mike and Anna, We truly appreciate your updates and hope that you, your family and employees stay safe through this. No one is happy about the consequences of this virus, but we realize that many things are out of our control at this point. Stay safe!"


Maggie Point Chalet
"Thanks Anna & Mike; I know these decisions are tough with COVID, but we believe you are making all the right ones. Appreciate being with you when things go off the rails."


Alpenrose 303
"Thank you, Anna and Mike. I appreciate you dearly and am in disbelief at the speed of change...even though I consider myself quite capable of adaptation. Sigh. Please take care of yourselves. Sending gratitude and love to you and your family and Breckenridge!"


Tannenbaum by the river
"Thanks Mike and Anna, makes sense. In situations like this (COVID), it's best to "do the right thing" even if that means short term pain. Sounds to me like you're doing that."


Village Point 109
"Thank you so much for keeping us so well informed. I know this is a difficult time for you, Anna and your staff. We wish you, your families and friends the best of health."


Pine Creek Lodge
"These are crazy times and from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate what you all at SkyRun are doing for owners and guests."


Trollhagen 5, Forest Haus 212
"Thank you for the real-time updates during COVID. This is hard on everyone and I appreciate the care in which you’ve handled this."


Swans Nest Villa
"Thanks for the update. We really appreciate all that you, Anna and your staff are doing to adjust to the rapid developments and to keep owners informed."


Porcupine Peak
"Thank you, Mike and Anna, for this email. You are taking the best approach possible to managing the coming pandemic, and it is truly appreciated by the family. We hope you and your staff manage to stay healthy during the coming months and that your business is not too adversely affected."


Andorra 9
"I have always been a big fan of your company and your team. The way you’re managing all this, and the level of communication is outstanding. Thank you for being so professional, reliable and considerate of your team and customers during this trying time."


Dogwood Lodge
"Rans and I are so grateful for how well you and Anna are handling this very difficult situation (COVID). We are thinking about you and your staff through this challenging period."


Ski Hill Chalet
"Thanks for all your proactive work and information! We could not be happier with our decision to move to SkyRun! Let us know how we can help during this time!"


Highland Greens Pine
"Thank you for all the updates! Greg and I are so happy you and SkyRun are our property manager! We remain very happy to be homeowners in Breckenridge. Thank you for all you are doing."


The Lift C11
"Thanks for the updates, informative and helpful! We appreciate that you are being considerate of the lack of revenues during the shutdown for cleaning and bookings strategy."


"I want to express my appreciation for your frequent updates and your approach to handle this rapidly evolving situation with COVID. We are all feeling the impact, but I think you are doing great to balance all the evolving challenges among different stakeholders. Not an easy task."

SkyRun Breckenridge

118 S. Ridge Street #4
Breckenridge, CO 80424

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