Summer Travel Information

We wanted to provide you with some valuable summer information and tips regarding your property and stay in Breckenridge.

WEATHER & CLIMATE: Breckenridge is located at 9,300 feet and is a high alpine environment. Summer daytime highs can reach into the 70s/80s, with humidity typically 10-20%, and overnight lows in the 40s/50s. Afternoon thunderstorms are common; if possible, schedule outdoor activities for the morning and early afternoon to avoid getting caught in weather. Wear layers as weather changes without much warning. The storms usually clear out for the evening. The sun is very strong at high altitude; UV rays are 40% stronger here than they are at sea level… use SPF sunscreen and lip protection everyday.

HYDRATION: Adults and children are advised to drink lots of water to reduce the suffering and affects of altitude sickness and heat exhaustion. At 10,000 feet above sea level, the air is not only thin in the oxygen department, but in moisture content too. Experts say that eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day is the amount you need to stay hydrated. Also, remember that coffee and alcohol both act as de-hydrants. Even a seasoned java-head or partygoer needs to go easy on these, especially the first couple of days.

AIR CONDITIONING: Properties in Breckenridge do not come equipped with air conditioning as the area has a very mild climate due to the elevation. In the hottest months, the daytime highs rarely reach into the high 70s F and nighttime lows are usually in the 50s or 60s F. Guests are encouraged to open windows and enjoy cool evening breezes. For added comfort, properties are equipped with fans and humidifiers.

OUTDOOR GRILLS/BARBECUES: If your property has a gas grill, an additional propane tank is provided either next to the outdoor grill or in the garage. Properties in condo complexes may or may not have a small barbeque depending on the complex/HOA rules – often condo complexes provide shared outdoor grills for guest use.

WILDLIFE & TRASH: Breckenridge is home to a variety of wildlife including bear, fox, porcupine and much more. Do not feed wildlife intentionally or unintentionally – i.e. please keep garage doors CLOSED during the day and night, as animals will break into the garbage cans! Do not put trash out to the curb – garbage will be retrieved from the property after guest departure.

LAWNS & LANDSCAPING: Breckenridge is located in a high alpine environment. The natural landscape is emphasized and there are no manicured yards or lawns, no mowing or professional landscaping for the most part.

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