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3 Fun Hikes in Breckenridge for Families with Teens

#1 - McCullough Gulch Trailhead
This beautiful hike not only offers views at the top but gorgeous mountains, waterfalls, and wildlife views on the way. This is an easy hike of 1.3 miles and is a perfect family hike for kids. This trail is located south of Breckenridge. You will be going up an old mining road with lots to see. When you reach the top you are given a breathtaking view of an alpine lake also including a view of McCullough Gulch drainage. This hike is closed to motor vehicles and open to hiking, horse, and mountain bikes.

#2 - Gold Hill Trail 

This hike gives you spectacular views of the Upper Blue River Valley and is fun and easy to do. This easy 3.0-mile hike will give you lots to look at as you climb up the rugged Ten Mile Range to the west. Note that there have been clearing of most trees in this area due to fires so by clear-cutting the area we are minimizing danger to disease and fire, but don’t worry this means that you’ll have more space to look out at the beautiful mountain range. This hike is closed to motor vehicles.

#3 - Crystal Lakes Road/Trail - Upper and Lower

This hike offers beautiful alpine views of the Tenmile Range. A scenic trail leads to the Lower Crystal Lake (3 miles one way) and continues 2 miles up to the Upper Crystal Lake (5 miles one way). Not only does it have breathtaking views at the top but on the way, you’ll see alpine meadows, wildlife, and multiple waterfalls. The Upper Crystal Lake is a bit longer than the lower but very much worth it, during the Winter the lake is frozen over and the mountains are filled with snow while during the Spring or Summer the meadows are filled with wildflowers and the lakes are crystal clear. This hike is closed to motor vehicles.

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