Rental Information

Please review all rental information prior to your arrival in Breckenridge. There is also important winter and summer travel information regarding your travel and stay in Breckenridge.

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Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is strongly recommended as it may cover trip cancellations due to family emergencies and much more.

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Property Damage Protection
SkyRun includes a Property Damage Waiver on each reservation.  The waiver covers damage to the property up to $1,500 so long as the damage is accidental and reported to SkyRun prior to your departure.

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Terms & Conditions
This is important and affects your legal rights and obligations, so please read them and other terms referenced in this document carefully. Each guest must affirm via electronically or verbally agreement to these Terms & Conditions and becomes legal binding a the point the reservation is secured by payment.

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Summer Travel Information
We wanted to provide you with some valuable summer information and tips regarding your property and stay in Breckenridge.

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Winter Travel Information
We wanted to provide you with some valuable winter information and tips regarding your property and stay in Breckenridge.

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