Winter Travel Information

Winter Travel in the Mountains

Valuable winter information and tips regarding your property and stay in Breckenridge
HEATING: Many properties in Breckenridge are equipped with radiant and baseboard heating.  While this heating is very efficient it can take many hours and sometimes overnight for the property to heat up after the thermostat has been adjusted.  We recommend making small adjustments and giving it several hours.  It is most comfortable if you keep the heat set between 65-68 degrees fahrenheit.

SNOW PLOWING & SHOVELING: Driveways are plowed and decks/stairs/walkways shoveled when there is significant snowfall within a 24-hour period.  Snow removal may occur at different times of the day due to schedules, weather conditions, and priorities.  If your property has a garage, it is best to park inside the garage or on one side of the driveway if a storm is forecasted.  This will allow the plow driver to plow as much of the driveway as possible, if at all.  Most single-family homes and townhomes are equipped with snow shovels for guest use. Not all alternate decks/stairs will be shoveled on a regular basis. DO NOT park in roads as towing is enforced and/or you may be plowed in.

 All-wheel drive vehicles are always recommended in the winter due to variable conditions which may include heavy snow, ice, and winds.  Homes in Breckenridge may not be easily accessible during or after storms, so we encourage all-wheel drive vehicles.  Snow and ice buildup is a constant challenge in Breckenridge.  Please be aware that decks, stairs, entrances, sidewalks and patios may be slippery and ice-buildup very quickly and easily occurs; use caution at all times. Slips and falls are a constant hazard. Be cautious of roof overhangs where snow and ice are likely to build up.

GARAGES: If your property is equipped with a garage, please keep the garage and any interior utility room doors closed as the pipes may freeze and cause extensive damage. 

FIREWOOD: For properties with wood fireplaces and wood burning stoves, it is the responsibility of the guest to provide their own firewood.  Firewood may be purchased on the way into town at 7-Eleven or in town at the City Market.

BBQS AND OUTDOOR FURNITURE/EQUIPMENT: BBQs, furniture and other outdoor equipment may not be accessible during late fall, winter, and early spring months.  We do our best to keep areas clear, but with over 30 feet of snowfall per season this is not always practical.  Hot tubs will remain open and clear year round.

DRIVING: Driving during the winter months can be daunting.  Colorado has recently implemented new laws governing driving during the winter months. During an active Traction Law, also known as a Code 15, motorists will need to have either snow tires, tires with the mud/snow (M/S) designation, or a four-wheel drive vehicle — all tires must have a minimum one-eighth inch tread.  If you do not have a AWD/4WD vehicle, carry chains with you to ensure you do not get stuck.  During severe winter storms, CDOT will implement a Passenger Vehicle Chain Law, also known as a Code 16 — this is the final safety measure before the highway is closed. During a Passenger Vehicle Chain Law, every vehicle on the roadway is required to have chains or an alternative traction device (like AutoSock).

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