Rental Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the SkyRun Breckenridge Terms and Conditions. This is important and affects your legal rights and obligations, so please read them and other terms referenced in this document carefully. Each guest must affirm via electronically or verbally agreement to these Terms & Conditions and becomes legal binding a the point the reservation is secured by payment. Booking through a 3rd party does not waive SkyRun’s rights under these Terms & Conditions.

SkyRun Breckenridge Vacation Rental Contract

PAYMENT: Your payment of 1/3 of the grand total (or a minimum of $300) was paid at the time of booking. The remainder of the balance was paid 30 days prior to arrival. If you booked through Airbnb or another 3rd party site, they have collected your payments according to their terms & conditions.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Except as provided by Travel Insurance or special billing terms, cancellation at any time results in forfeiture of monies paid thus far. Cancellation within 30 days of the reservation start date results in the forfeiture of the entire payment. There is no cancellation or refund from SkyRun for any reason including weather, travel delays or lack of snow.

CHECK-IN TIME: 4pm MT. Early check-in requests may be made, but are subject to availability and additional charges.

CHECK-OUT TIME: 10am MT. Late check-out requests may be made, but may incur additional costs and are subject to availability. Unauthorized late checkouts will be assessed at $50 per hour.

DAMAGE, TRASH, & CLEANING: Any damage, excessive cleaning, excessive trash removal, incidental charges such as added housekeeping will be charged to the credit card submitted herein at the sole discretion of SkyRun Breckenridge.

SMOKING: Smoking of any kind or substance is prohibited in all properties. Violators are subject to a $350 fine in addition to applicable cleaning charges.

EARLY DEPARTURES: As reservations are carefully scheduled in advance, NO refunds will be given for early departures, regardless of reason.

LOCK OUTS: After-hours lock-out service will incur a charge of $50.

LOST & FOUND: Any item left behind which a guest requests to be returned will be subject to a $20 handling fee in addition to packaging and shipping costs.

PARKING PASSES: SkyRun Breckenridge will provide parking passes and/or parking guidelines including the maximum number of cars allowed where applicable. SkyRun Breckenridge will NOT be held liable for ticketing and/or towing of guest vehicles. Guests exceeding the maximum number of cars will be asked to move additional cars to paid overnight parking or may be towed.

KEYS: All keys, keycards, remotes will be left in the unit on the kitchen counter prior to departure. Lost keys, keycards or remotes will incur a charge of $75.

PETS: Pets are only allowed in designated properties for an extra fee of $25 per night. Any evidence of pets staying in non-designated pet-friendly properties or unregistered pets will result in an additional $350 fine, plus charges for any damages sustained or extra cleaning required.

VEHICLES: All guests are encouraged use all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicles during the winter (Nov - Apr). Roads can be difficult to navigate during winter and driveways may be steep. SkyRun Breckenridge will not provide refunds to guests unable to reach their property or to guests needing rescue or towing to get to their properties.

HOT TUBS: Guest use of any hot tub or spa assumes all risks and liability. Guests are advised that there are potential dangers to children who are not carefully supervised, as well as any person using hot tub or spa too long or if a person has health risks, is intoxicated, using any kind of drugs or medication, or is pregnant. Guests are advised that the chemicals used in the servicing and maintenance of the hot tub can lead to skin and eye irritations, rashes, and other reactions especially in children. Guest agrees to waive any claim whatsoever against SkyRun Breckenridge, it's owners, contractors, employees, principals, agents, and associated property owners accidents, illness, or injury arising from use of any hot tub or spa. Guest agrees that he/she is responsible and liable for any damages that occur to the hot tub or spa through their or their guest's misuse or negligence. Should guest or guest's guests contaminate the water with any foreign substance by not abiding by the rules, guest agrees to an additional charge of $125.00 to cover the cost to drain, clean and refill the hot tub and remediate the contamination to the filtering system. Each hot tub is serviced prior to arrival and the chemical levels are checked and recorded.

UNFORESEEN ISSUES: Unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances may occur during your stay including but not limited to, internet, TV, and utility outages, inclement weather, travel delays, limited availability of town services, the closing of common & home amenities (including hot tubs, pools, and finiteness centers). Guests are not entitled to full or partial refunds for any unforeseen circumstances.

VIOLATIONS: Any violations of this rental contract and/or SkyRun Breckenridge policies may result in immediate removal from the property.

LIABILITY RELEASE: SkyRun Breckenridge, it's owners, employees, contractors, principals, agents, and associated property owners, will be released and held harmless from any and all liability, claims, costs and expenses whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury that may occur while on the premises.

Each SkyRun guest is required to sign the rental agreement when they check-in to their property. Failure to sign the rental agreement may result in a cancelation of the rental and forfeiture of all monies paid.


AGE & OCCUPANCY RESTRICTIONS: Guests must be at least 25 years old to rent a property from SkyRun. At any time SkyRun may request and the guest who reserved must provide a valid ID as proof of age. The person booking the property must be in the property for the entire duration of the guest stay. Maximum occupancy at any time is equal to the number of people the property sleeps in beds. No people beyond that number are allowed at any time. Exceeding this occupancy is grounds for immediate eviction without refund.

PARTIES: No house parties or weddings allowed at properties. If there is a party in the property (as further evidenced by a noise complaint, security report, or by excessive amounts of trash or destruction) the guest will be charged for complete clean and replacement of damaged items and property. Such activities completely void the Damage Waiver.

LOST & FOUND: SkyRun is not responsible for the replacement or reimbursement any lost or stolen items belonging to or rented by the guest (or any member of the guests party). If an item is found by SkyRun after guest departure, and the guest wishes to the have the item(s) returned to them, the cost of packaging and return mailing will be paid by the guest.

PHONE & INTERNET: Most properties are all WiFi enabled; this is a service paid by the owner and an added service to the guest at no additional cost and provided by a local service provider. SkyRun cannot guarantee reliable internet service. Circumstances outside of SkyRun control may result in internet service interruptions, outages, degradation or what the guest may consider less than satisfactory service to what they may be accustomed to. SkyRun will not reimburse or refund any monies to the guest in the event of any of the above circumstances. If a guest wants to ensure optimized and reliable service, SkyRun recommends guests travel with their own air card.

Guests understand that phones (land line or VoIP) may not be present in a property and should not be expected. Guests are encouraged to have mobile phones for communication in an emergency. Some properties have poor cellular coverage that is beyond SkyRun control. Refund and credits will not be provided to guests for slow or nonexistent service.

ELECTRICITY: Breckenridge is serviced by Xcel Power Company. Power interruptions and outages may occur at any time. SkyRun cannot guarantee power, heat or electricity in the event of an Excel power outage or interruption and will not provide a refund or credit to any guest in such an event.

CAR REQUIREMENTS: Breckenridge is located in a high-alpine environment subject to extreme weather including snow and ice that may make roads and driveways impassable to 2-wheel drive vehicles. SkyRun strongly encourages guests traveling during the winter months (from November to May) to use a 4-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles or to carry chains. Many Breckenridge roads can be difficult to navigate during winter and driveways may be steep. SkyRun will not provide refunds to guests unable to reach their property or to guests needing rescue or towing to get to their properties.

WEATHER: SkyRun will not refund guests for any weather-related issues including but not limited to road conditions, lack of snow, too much snow, or inability to get to the property due to weather or flight delays/cancellations; or issues resulting in weather conditions such as power outages, etc.

ENVIRONMENT & SNOW: Breckenridge is located at 9,300 ft in the Rocky Mountains in a high mountain alpine environment - some properties may be as high as 10,700 feet. Hydration is important to minimize impacts of altitude change. There is typically 10-20% humidity year-round. Summer temperatures may average 60-80 degrees with a low in the 40-50s. Properties in Breckenridge DO NOT have Air Conditioning (AC) fans are provided for guest comfort. Winter temperatures may vary widely from negative temperatures to 40-50 degrees. Most properties in Breckenridge have baseboard heaters which may take several hours to register heat changes. SkyRun, HOA and building managers make efforts to clear private drives, sidewalks, stairs and access points but in this environment ice and snow will always exist... take care while walking and moving about to avoid falls and slips. Stairs and decks may not be shoveled if it is not the primary access point to the property. Driveways will be plowed when there is more than 6 inches overnight and please note there may be delays in equipment reaching properties as major roadways need to be cleared by the county first and foremost. Despite efforts ice and snow will remain ice melt is provided at properties. Decks, entrances, sidewalks and patios may be slippery; use caution. Slips and falls are a constant hazard. Be cautious of roof overhangs where snow and ice are likely to build up.

COMMON-USE AREAS & HOAs: Condominiums and townhouses are managed by 3rd party Home Owners Associations (HOAs). These HOAs manage and control shared amenities which include but are not limited to outdoor grills, hot tubs, pool, fitness areas, parking structures and areas, picnic areas and landscaping. Be aware that during non-peak times amenities may be unavailable due to circumstances out of SkyRun control such as building and amenity maintenance or closures. Also, even during peak times HOAs may need to make buildings and amenities unavailable for emergency maintenance and other reasons out of SkyRun control. For no reason will SkyRun provide a refund if amenities are unavailable due to HOA closures or maintenance. SkyRun Breckenridge offers vacation rentals 365 days a year and has no control over the availability of amenities controlled by HOAs or complexes; nor does SkyRun Breckenridge have any obligation to disclose availability to guests.

AVAILABILITY OF TOWN & RESORT SERVICES: SkyRun Breckenridge operates within the town of Breckenridge which offers wonderful events, entertainment, restaurants, cultural activities and more. Breckenridge Ski Resort offers recreational activities including the availability of the Breck Connect Gondola, lifts, trails and Fun Park based on weather conditions and season schedules. SkyRun Breckenridge offers vacation rentals 365 days a year and has no control over the availability of resort, town or county services and activities; nor does SkyRun Breckenridge have any obligation to disclose availability to guests.

OWNERSHIP of PROPERTY: The guest acknowledges that they do not own nor have any rights to the property. The guest may never alter the appearance or function of any part or contents of the property at any time (this includes but is not limited to paint, window coverings, furniture, appliances). Additionally, the guest may never employ nor hire a 3rd party contractor or vendor to perform any work or services within or to the property (this includes but is not limited to hiring housekeepers, handymen, contacting internet or TV providers directly).

PROPERTIES FOR SALE: SkyRun provides short-term rental services to properties that are For Sale. If a property is For Sale, and a potential buyer would like to view or tour the property during a guest stay SkyRun will notify the guest prior to the showing.

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